Sassa Status “Pending”? Do The Following to Fix

Honestly, seeing that “Pending” on my Sassa status screen used to fill me with dread.

I knew it meant something was holding up my grant payment, and with bills piling up, the stress was real.

After a couple of rounds with the system, I learned a few tricks to figure out what was up.

Sometimes it was a silly mistake on my end, sometimes there were forms to fix, and once or twice, the system just needed a kickstart.

I’ve felt that frustration, but I’ve also felt the relief when you finally get things cleared up.

Let me share what I’ve learned to help make this whole Sassa process a little less nerve-wracking.

Meaning of “SASSA Status Pending”

A “SASSA Status Pending” message means that SASSA has received your application, but it is still undergoing review and verification.

This is not an indication of approval or rejection.

Here’s a breakdown of what “pending” means in this context:

Application received: SASSA has acknowledged your application and is processing it.

Review and verification: SASSA is checking your information against various databases to ensure eligibility and accuracy.

This might involve cross-checking with other government departments or financial institutions.

No fixed timeframe: Unfortunately, there’s no set timeframe for the processing duration. It can take several weeks or even months due to:

High application volume: SASSA receives a large number of applications, leading to a backlog.

Complexity of individual cases: Some applications require a more thorough investigation due to specific circumstances.

How to Fix Your Status from Pending to Approved

To address the issue of a “Pending” status on your SASSA application, there are several steps you can take.

Here are some actions you can consider:

1. Contact SASSA

Reach out to SASSA for assistance. You can call their national call centre, visit a regional office, or send an email with your inquiries.

Engaging with them directly can provide you with more specific information about your application’s status.

2. Check and Update Your Application

Ensure all the information in your application is correct and complete.

If there are any changes or additional documentation required, submit them promptly.

3. Be Patient

Given the high volume of applications, the review process can take time.

While waiting, ensure SASSA has your current contact details and regularly check your application status online or through other provided channels.

4. Follow Up

If your application remains pending for an extended period, such as over 90 days, follow up with SASSA to inquire about the delay and ensure your application is being processed.

5. Consider Reconsideration or Appeal

If your application is eventually declined, you have the option to request a reconsideration or appeal the decision, providing additional information or clarification that might influence the outcome in your favour.

How long will it take to be Approved?

It’s important to understand that there’s no set timeframe for your SASSA R350 grant application to be approved.

While SASSA aims to process applications within 90 days, this timeframe can be longer due to various factors:

Tips to avoid Longer Status Pending Wait

To avoid a prolonged “Pending” status on your SASSA application, here are some tips based on various sources:

  1. Avoid Multiple Applications: Submitting multiple applications can delay your pending status. Focus on your most recent complete application and follow up on that one only​​.
  2. Use the Moya App: For SRD R350 grant applications, the Moya App is a convenient tool to check your status. It’s available for free on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store​​.
  3. Ensure Accurate and Complete Applications: Review your application and accompanying documentation for any errors or omissions. Accurate and complete information can expedite the review process​​.
  4. Visit a SASSA Office or Contact the Helpline: If your application remains pending, consider visiting a SASSA office or contacting their helpline for assistance and updates​​.
  5. Follow Up on Your Application: Keep an eye on your SRD grant status for updates. SASSA undergoes a verification process that includes checking your ID against various databases. Providing any additional requested documentation promptly can help move the process along​​.
  6. Email Communication: You can reach out to SASSA by sending an email to [email protected] for inquiries about your application’s current status​​.