How to Change Your SRD Phone Number without An Application ID

I recently found myself needing to update my SASSA SRD phone number but couldn’t remember my application ID.

It was a bit of a panic moment, but after some digging, I realized it wasn’t as complicated as I initially thought.

If you’re in the same boat, don’t worry! I’m here to share my experience and guide you through the process step-by-step.

You’ll need to visit a SASSA office in person, but I’ll walk you through everything you need to do and bring with you.

Plus, I’ll share some extra tips I’ve learned along the way to make the process as smooth as possible.

So, let’s get started and get this done together!

Things You Need to Change YOUR SASSA Srd Number

To change your SASSA Grant phone number, you’ll need the following:

1. Your South African ID number: This is your 13-digit identification number.

2. One of the following:

3. Your new phone number: This is the number you want to use for future communication from SASSA.


1. Find your nearest SASSA office

You can often find the address of your local SASSA office online by searching “SASSA office near me” or using the branch finder on the official SASSA website (

2. Visit the SASSA office in person

You’ll need to go to the office yourself since you can’t update this information online without an application ID.

3. Talk to a SASSA representative

Once at the office, find a staff member and explain clearly:

  • You receive the SRD grant
  • You need to change the phone number linked to your grant
  • You don’t remember your application ID

4. Show your South African ID

This is how they’ll confirm your identity. It’s a small green book or a smart card with your picture, name, and a 13-digit identification number.

5. Provide your current phone number

They will need the phone number currently connected to your SRD grant. This might be an old number you no longer use, but you’ll need to know it to change it.

6. Give your new phone number

Make sure this is a number you have access to! This will become the main way SASSA contacts you about your grant.

7. Fill out a form

The SASSA representative will likely give you a form where you need to write down your:

Updated contact information, including your new phone number

Reasons for changing the number (e.g., lost your old phone, the number’s no longer in service).

8. Double-check everything

Before giving the form back, make sure you didn’t make any mistakes writing down your information. A wrong number could cause problems!

9. Wait for the update

SASSA will handle changing the number in their system. This might take some time.

10. Check for confirmation

You’ll likely receive a text message (SMS) on both your old AND new phone numbers when the change is complete.

Extra Tips:

  • Go during office hours: SASSA offices are likely closed on weekends and public holidays.
  • Be polite and patient: The staff are there to help, and being friendly helps the process go smoothly.
  • Protect your new number: Don’t give your new phone number to anyone you don’t trust, especially if it’s connected to how you get money.

You CANNOT change your SRD phone number online without an application ID. This process must be done in person for security reasons.

Let me know in the comment section below if you have other questions about your SRD grant!

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    • Hi Tsholo .

      I called Sassa call centre number 6 weeks ago to change my cell number. It was in the first week of March. I’ve called them once every week to check on the process until one Agent called Grace said to me I need to be patient for the sms or call I’ll receive from Sassa as there are people in line who made the same request 12 months ago and haven’t been helped as Sassa has a backlog of such queries.
      Patrick from Hammanskraal

  1. My son needs help with his application that he applied for in Dec. He has not received one payment the customer service said his number is incorrect. We only used one number when applying and got a OTP but no confirmation for the Application ID. We went into sassa office today and they sent us away with phone numbers for customer service. He missed 4 payments since he applied. I’m suspecting fraud on his application. Please help

    • my cellphone number was changed June last year by someone else and I don’t know the number it was changed to and I don’t know my application ID number.i went to the office but they chased me away.and tried callingthe tell free number but they wouldn’t help me.I would like to change it to my new number please help..

  2. I want to change my number too, i know my application ID and the cellphone number but it fails when i try changing through the website please update your system its over a year now.

  3. I would love to change my number cause it is saying I should do identity verification so I lost that old number please help

  4. I don’t remember the phone number that i used for my srd R350 application. I want to make an appeal cos’ my grant was suspended. Help me pls.

  5. 2023 8 think it was Oct I applied Fr 350 and ma application was approved and then I didn’t fill Fr bank details

    So now when I checked ma status ma no that I used Fr ma application it doesn’t exist pls wat can I do

  6. I lost my sim card so my kids are struggling to get their srd I want to change their application to this number please help me

  7. I cancel srd by mistk i did reconsilation now when I am checking my status saying approved be patient for the date and it’s for aug to oct 2021 what to do?

  8. Thembakazi Ndibi ,I want to change a cellphone number and Bank details to this number 0661436372 …. Bank details: 1139371302

  9. I want to change contact because i lost my previous phone number and it no longer exist and i need to change banking details

  10. I lost in my old simcard I applied with now I need help to change my number to this new number I have now plz hlp

  11. Hi ..
    I want to change my number but i don’t have my application id..
    Can I call the Sassa helpline and ask for my application id or should I visit their office?

    • I think someone applied with my ID, I applied for the 1st time and it shows that applicant is already active, I need help pls.

  12. I want to change my number the number that I have been using that person she is no longer are life she die please help me

  13. I lost my phone now I have a new number so I want to change the old number to the new number how must I do now for order to get help

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  16. Will i receive all the approved months if the approval stated from 2022 and i hve not revived any payment due from loosing ma cell no.

  17. When I’m applying for 350 srd they said already applied, but is the first time. I don’t know why, what can I do

  18. I forgot applicactlon and i lost phone pls help me to get srd grand plz help me .i lost phone i used new number pls help me to get r350 .

  19. Afternoon
    How do I change cellphone number and how do I update nor check if my application is received or processed.

    The system said Failed and requested lost number, and sent application ID OTP to the lost number that we donot have access to.

    Your urgent response is appreciated

  20. My child can’t get 350 grant if she calls they say her cellphone is not the 1 she is giving it to them I wonder why cause this is the number am using and it’s about 2 months they said I must be patient and how can I be patient when am hungry and they said they will call me to fix the problem but until today no reply

  21. I forgot the number that I used to apply now I need to change it please help coz I also don’t know my ID the 6digits that were sent by sassa.

  22. I think someone applied with my ID, I applied for the 1st time and it shows that applicant is already active, I need help pls.

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  25. I phoned in how many times and I’m still waiting for the people to update my number for srd I lost my sim card and I don’t know the number here is the new number I want to use 0717659987 I went today to Belleville head office they say I must do it online

  26. I would like 2 change my phone number because I’ve been hacked&cancelled by somebody he or she is collecting my money 4 the past 2years, I’ve calling sassa but they promise 2 assist&change my number but nothing

  27. I cling on to listening to the reports speak about getting boundless online grant applications so I have been looking around for the most excellent site to get one. Could you tell me please, where could i find some?

  28. I’ve been writing since 2023 June even now no help oand I’ve been deleted to those who wrote last year i maybe the R350 to R370 grant is coming to a stop 😏 lot new people with the same problem new people Β₯Β₯ Wiseman mncube
    What’s the plan

  29. I want to change my phone number that I was using the old is 0796015915 I want to change to this number 0792633899


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