What Documents Do I Need to Apply for Sassa Child Grant

As a parent, I know firsthand how important financial support is for raising a child. That’s why I decided to apply for the SASSA Child Support Grant.

I headed to my local SASSA office, armed with my ID and my child’s birth certificate.

But wait, there’s more!

To ensure a smooth process, I made sure I also had proof of my income, my marriage certificate, and an affidavit confirming that I was the primary caregiver.

Let me share my experience and guide you through the document checklist, so you can get the support your child deserves.

Required Documents to Apply for Sassa Child Grant

1. Certified Copy of the Applicant’s ID:

This confirms your identity and legal status in South Africa.


  • A clear, legible copy of your South African ID book or card.
  • It must be certified by a Commissioner of Oaths (usually found at police stations, post offices, or attorneys’ offices).
  • Ensure the certification stamp and signature are recent (not older than three months).

2. Certified Copy of the Child’s ID or Birth Certificate:

This proves the child’s identity, age, and South African citizenship or residency status.


  • If the child has a South African ID book or card, provide a certified copy.
  • If the child doesn’t have an ID, provide a certified copy of their full birth certificate.
  • Certification requirements are the same as for the applicant’s ID.

3. Certified Evidence of Spousal Relationship or Marital Status:

This establishes your current marital situation, which affects eligibility criteria.


  • If married: Submit a certified copy of your marriage certificate.
  • If divorced: Submit a certified copy of the final divorce decree.
  • If widowed: Submit a certified copy of your spouse’s death certificate.
  • If single or never married: You might not need this document, but check with SASSA to be sure.

4. Certified Copy of Spouse’s ID (If Married):

This confirms your spouse’s identity and legal status.


  • A clear, legible copy of your spouse’s South African ID book or card.
  • It must be certified by a Commissioner of Oaths.
  • Ensure the certification is recent.

5. Proof of Income (If Income is Declared):

This verifies your income level to determine eligibility for the grant.


  • Recent payslips (usually the last three months).
  • Bank statements (usually the last three months).
  • Any other official documentation showing your income (e.g., pension slips, UIF documentation).

6. Affidavit Attesting to No Income (If No Income is Declared):

This formally declares that you have no income, which is important for eligibility.


  • A sworn statement signed in the presence of a Commissioner of Oaths.
  • It should clearly state that you have no income from employment, business, or other sources.

7. Evidence that the Applicant is the Child’s Primary Caregiver:

This proves that you are the person primarily responsible for the child’s care.


  • This can be a sworn affidavit from yourself or someone who knows your situation well.
  • Alternatively, SASSA may require additional proof, such as the child living with you or you providing financial support.

8. School Attendance Proof for the Child:

This is encouraged but not mandatory. It helps confirm the child’s age and potential future needs.


If available, a recent school report or letter from the school confirming the child’s attendance.

9. Certified Copy of Applicant’s Bank Statement:

This confirms your banking details so that the grant can be paid directly into your account.


A clear, legible copy of a recent bank statement showing your name, account number, and branch code.

It must be certified by a Commissioner of Oaths.

Important Notes:

Certification: Ensure all required documents are certified to avoid delays in processing your application.

Originals: While you submit certified copies, bring the original documents when you apply, as SASSA officials may need to verify them.

Updates: SASSA’s requirements may change. Always check the official SASSA website or visit your nearest SASSA office for the most up-to-date information.

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