Documents Required for Sassa SRD R370 Appeal

Sassa offers the R370 Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant to help individuals facing financial hardship.

But sometimes, applications for this vital support get rejected.

If that’s happened to you, don’t give up just yet!

You have the right to appeal the decision.

This process requires submitting specific documents to bolster your case.

Here’s a breakdown of the essential documents you’ll need to compile for a strong Sassa SRD R370 appeal:

1. Proof of Identity

Certified copy of your ID book: This is the primary form of identification accepted by Sassa.

Ensure it’s a certified copy, meaning a copy that’s been verified by a legitimate authority to be an accurate replica of the original.

Valid alternative identification: If you don’t have an ID book, you can present a valid passport, driver’s license, or any other government-issued document that confirms your identity.

2. Proof of Residence

Utility bill (not older than 3 months): This is the simplest way to prove you live in South Africa.

Bills for electricity, water, or municipal services work well, as long as they’re recent (issued within the last 3 months).

Municipal account statement: Similar to a utility bill, a statement from your local municipality showcasing your registered address can serve as residency proof.

Sworn affidavit: If you lack utility bills or municipal statements, you can obtain a sworn affidavit from someone who can vouch for your residency.

This person could be a landlord, family member, or community leader.

The affidavit must be signed in front of a Commissioner of Oaths or another authorized person.

3. Income or Unemployment Status

Latest payslip: If you’re employed, your most recent payslip will demonstrate your income level.

Employment status letter: An official letter from your employer stating your employment status (employed or unemployed) can be helpful.

Community leader affidavit: If you’re unemployed, an affidavit from a community leader confirming your joblessness can strengthen your appeal.

4. Financial Hardship Evidence

Bank statements: Bank statements showcasing your recent financial transactions can be powerful evidence of financial hardship.

Look for statements that reflect low balances or minimal income.

5. Medical Reports (if applicable)

Medical documentation: If your application was rejected due to medical reasons, include any relevant medical reports from a qualified medical professional.

These reports should support your claim of needing financial assistance due to a medical condition.

6. Application-Specific Documents

Disability documents: If your appeal is based on a disability, include documents that support your claim.

This could be a doctor’s note, a disability grant application, or any other relevant documentation.

7. Contact Information

Mobile number: Don’t forget to include the mobile number you used during your initial Sassa SRD R370 application.

This will ensure Sassa can reach you regarding your appeal.


  • Compile clear, well-organized copies of all these documents.
  • Ensure all documents are recent and valid.
  • Double-check for any errors or missing information before submitting your appeal.

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  1. I was born with clapfeet 1981 i an disable not sick.but when I want to apply for disebulity Grant I’m been told of a doctor to show I deserve the 43 it’s getting worse by the day.oneday I’m not going to be able to walk at all.


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