How To Change Your Sassa Payment Method To Capitec Bank

Switching your SASSA grant payouts from a SASSA card to your Capitec bank account can be a convenient way to access your funds directly.

This guide will walk you through the entire process, step-by-step, ensuring a smooth transition.

Before We Begin:

  • Capitec Bank Account: This guide assumes you already have a Capitec bank account set up. If not, you’ll need to visit a Capitec branch to open one.
  • Required Documents: Make sure you have your South African ID card and your Capitec bank account details (account number and branch code) readily available.

Here’s how to change your SASSA payment method to Capitec

Option 1: Using the SASSA Website (For SASSA SRD Grant Only)

Head to the SASSA SRD Website

Open your internet browser and visit the official SASSA SRD website (

Find the “Change Banking Details” Section

The SASSA website can be busy, so take your time to locate the section for changing banking details.

It might be labelled “Update Banking Information” or something similar.

Enter Your ID Number and Phone Number

You’ll be asked to provide your South African ID number and the phone number registered with SASSA.

Verify with OTP

An SMS containing a one-time PIN (OTP) will be sent to your phone.

Enter this OTP in the designated field on the website to verify your identity.

Update Your Bank Information

Once verified, you’ll be able to access a secure form to update your banking details.

Here, enter your Capitec bank account number and branch code.

Double-Check and Submit

Carefully review all the information you’ve entered to ensure accuracy.

Typos can cause delays. Once everything looks good, submit the form.

Wait for Confirmation

SASSA will process your request and notify you of the outcome via SMS.

This process may take a few days, so be patient.

Option 2: Using the SASSA Annexure C Form (For All SASSA Grants)

This method is applicable to all SASSA grants, not just the SRD.

It involves a downloadable form and a visit to a SASSA office.

Download the Annexure C Form

You can find the Annexure C form by searching online for “SASSA Annexure C Bank Details Change” or visiting a SASSA office and requesting a copy.

Fill Out the Annexure C Form

Carefully complete the form with your details, including your ID number, contact information, and your Capitec bank account details (account number and branch code).

Get the Form Stamped by Capitec

Visit your nearest Capitec branch and ask a consultant to stamp the completed Annexure C form.

This verifies the legitimacy of your bank account details.

Submit the Form at a SASSA Office

Locate your nearest SASSA office and submit the completed and stamped Annexure C form along with your South African ID card.

They may also request fingerprints for biometric verification.

SASSA Processes Your Request

SASSA will review your request and update your payment method if everything is in order.

You’ll be notified via SMS or mail about the outcome.

This process can take a few weeks, so be patient.

Important Tips:

  • Keep Copies: Make copies of the completed forms and any receipts you receive for your records.
  • Check SASSA Website Regularly: It’s a good idea to check the SASSA website ( regularly for updates on your application status.
  • contact SASSA: If you have any questions or concerns throughout the process, don’t hesitate to contact SASSA by phone or visit their website for their contact details.

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  1. Please simplify this method. Why; with all the linkages verifyable e.g . Finger print etc why should it be then also apply at the Ssassa office to have the OAP payable into capitec acc?? Getting out to the Sassa office out at Camperdown having to use tge black taxi is a NIGHTMARE. I had occassion to update my sassa card recently and it took 3hrs to get there from Hillcrest (no direct taxi service: Hillcrest to Pinetown….Pinetown to PMB taxi has to do a detour to Camperdown…the roadworks are insane….and somewhere near Cato Ridge I was told to jump out and connect with another taxi which took me to Camperdown. Getting back was morevof a nightmare. Had to take a taxi (sat in a taxi which took more than an hour to fill) to Mpumalanga (no direct taxi to hillcrest) and from.there a taxi to Pinetown…then from.Pinetown to Hillcrest. Got home at 6:30pm@@@ an entire day lost. Cost R150 in taxi fares!!!

  2. Someone is getting paid my sister’s grand we tried to change it says you must put the previous number we don’t know that number so what must we do???? 😭


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