How to Change Sassa Payment Method to ShopRite

I’ve recently decided to switch my SASSA payment method to ShopRite, hoping for a more convenient experience.

It seems like a popular choice, as many beneficiaries are making the switch.

From what I’ve gathered, there are a few different ways to go about it, including using the Shoprite app or visiting a Money Market counter in-store.

I’ll be documenting my journey, outlining the steps involved and sharing any tips or tricks I discover along the way.

Hopefully, this will be helpful for others who are also considering making the switch.

Important Things to Know

  • You can’t directly change to ShopRite: SASSA doesn’t let you select a specific store chain. You can only switch to a cash collection option, and then you’ll collect from your chosen ShopRite.
  • You need a cellphone: This process uses your cellphone to get your cash.
  • Have your South African ID document ready

Step-By-Step Guide to Change Sassa R350 Payment Method to ShopRite

1. Visit the SASSA website:

Go to the official SASSA website:

2. Enter your ID number:

Scroll down the page until you find a section that says “Change your payment method”.

There will be a box for you to type in your South African ID number. Do this carefully.

3. Get a special link by SMS:

Once you enter the ID number, an SMS (text message) will be sent to the cellphone number you used to register for your grant.

This SMS has a special link that’s only for you.

4. Click the link:

Open the SMS on your phone.

Carefully click on the link in the message.

5. Follow the instructions:

The website will now have instructions for changing your payment method. Read these carefully and do what they say.

6. Choose “Cash Send”

You will see options for how to get your grant. Select the option called “Cash Send”.

7. Enter your cellphone number:

You’ll need to type in your cellphone number again. Make sure it is correct.

8. Confirm the change

You’ll usually be asked to review your information and confirm you want to make the change to “Cash Send”. Double-check that everything is correct before confirming.

Collecting Your Grant at ShopRite

Wait for an SMS:

When your grant payment is ready, SASSA will send you another SMS. This SMS has a special code.

Go to ShopRite:

Take your South African ID document and your cellphone to any ShopRite store.

Find the ShopRite Money Market Counter:

Ask a ShopRite employee where to find this counter.

Give the cashier your information:

Tell the cashier you want to collect your SASSA grant.

Give them your ID document and the special code from the SMS.

Receive your cash:

The cashier will verify your information and give you your grant money in cash.

Extra Tips:

Don’t share your code: The code in the SMS is like a secret key. Keep it safe, don’t give it to anyone else.

Go early in the month: Avoid long lines by collecting your grant early in the payment month.

Help is available: If you get stuck with the online process, you can call the SASSA toll-free number (0800 60 10 11) or visit a SASSA office for help.