SASSA SRD R370 grant statuses, their possible causes, and solutions

I’ve been right there with you, anxiously refreshing my SASSA SRD status page, heart pounding as I decipher the cryptic messages.

From the “Approved” to the gut punch of “Declined,” I’ve experienced the emotional rollercoaster firsthand.

But through countless applications and appeals, I’ve cracked the code and below is what each means:

SASSA R350 Grant Application Statuses

1. Application Complete:

Explanation: Your application has been successfully submitted.

Possible Causes: You recently submitted your application and it’s now in the queue for processing.

Solutions: No action is needed. Just wait patiently while SASSA processes your application.

2. Pending:

Explanation: Your application is being reviewed for eligibility.

Possible Causes: SASSA is verifying your income, employment status, and other details. This can take some time.

Solutions: Be patient and allow SASSA time to complete the verification process. There’s no need to reapply unless SASSA specifically requests it.

3. Approved:

Explanation: You are eligible and approved for the grant.

Possible Causes: You met the eligibility requirements and SASSA has confirmed your details.

Solutions: Monitor your payment method (bank account, post office) for the arrival of the funds. Check the SASSA website or app for payment dates.

4. Declined:

Explanation: Your application did not meet the requirements.

Possible Causes: Various reasons, including income exceeding the threshold, existing UIF or NSFAS benefits, or errors in your application.

Solutions: If you believe the decision is incorrect, you can appeal through the SASSA website or at a SASSA office. Carefully review the decline reason for any errors in your initial application.

5. Bank Details Pending:

Explanation: You’re approved, but SASSA needs your bank information.

Possible Causes: You haven’t provided your bank details or there might be an error in the information you submitted.

Solutions: Update your banking details through the SASSA website, the SRD Grant mobile app, or visit a SASSA office. Double-check the accuracy of the information.

6. Reapplication Pending:

Explanation: Your reapplication (for an extension period) is being reviewed.

Possible Causes: You submitted a reapplication after the initial grant period ended.

Solutions: Wait for SASSA to review your reapplication. Ensure your contact information is up-to-date in case they need to reach you.

7. R370 payment status is approved but not yet paid:

Explanation: Your payment is approved but not yet processed.

Possible Causes: Payment processing delays, high volumes of payments, or issues with your payment method.

Solutions: Be patient, as payments can take some time to process. Verify your payment details are correct. If the delay is excessive, contact SASSA for assistance.

8. Cancelled:

Explanation: Your application has been cancelled.

Possible Causes: Failure to reapply during an extension period, not meeting eligibility requirements, or other reasons as specified by SASSA.

Solutions: If you believe the cancellation was in error, contact SASSA for clarification. You might need to reapply or appeal the decision.

9. Reconsideration Pending:

Explanation: Your appeal of a declined application is being reviewed.

Possible Causes: You submitted an appeal due to disagreement with the initial decision.

Solutions: Wait for SASSA to complete the reconsideration process. There’s no need to reapply or provide additional information unless requested.

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