How to Change Sassa R350 Payment Method to Boxer

If you’re anything like me, getting my SASSA R350 grant from the Post Office used to be a real pain.

The lines were long, the hours were unpredictable, and sometimes I had to travel quite a distance just to collect my money.

It was exhausting! That’s why I decided to switch my payment method to Boxer stores.

If you’re also thinking about making the switch, I’m here to share my experience and guide you through the steps.

Trust me, it’s not as complicated as it might seem. Let me show you just how easy it is to change your SASSA R350 payment method to Boxer.

Important Things to Know Before You Start:

Step-by-Step Guide to Change Sassa R350 Payment Method to Boxer

1. Go to the SASSA website:

Type the following address carefully into your internet browser’s address bar:

Important: Make sure it’s the real SASSA website. Look for the lock symbol next to the address to be sure.

2. Find the “How do I change my banking details” section:

Scroll down the page until you see a section with that heading or something similar.

3. Click on the link to change your payment method:

There will likely be a button or link that says “Click here to change your payment method” or something similar.

4. Enter your ID number:

There will be a box for you to carefully type in your South African ID number.

Double-check that you typed it correctly before continuing.

5. Get the code sent to your phone:

SASSA will send a special code to the cellphone number you used when you applied for the grant.

Type this code into the box on the website.

6. Choose “Boxer” as your payment method:

You should see a list of options for how to get your money. Find the one that says “Boxer” or “Boxer stores” and select it.

7. Fill out any additional information:

SASSA might ask for a little more information. Follow the instructions on the screen carefully.

8. Review and submit:

Read over everything you entered to make sure it’s correct.

If everything looks good, find the “Submit” or “Confirm” button and click it.

Things to Remember:

Wait for confirmation: SASSA will let you know if the change was successful. You might get an SMS or they might update the website.

Changes might take some time: Don’t expect your payment method to change instantly. It might take a payment cycle or two.

Only collect at Boxer: Once you choose Boxer, you have to go to a Boxer store to get your grant money. You can’t collect it at the Post Office anymore.

Need More Help?

Visit the SASSA website for more information:

If you’re really stuck, you can call the SASSA toll-free number: 0800 60 10 11