Change Sassa Gold Card to Bank Account

I know how important the SASSA grant can be, and I remember when I first received mine, I was getting payments on that gold SASSA card.

It was okay, but sometimes the lines at the machines were so long, and I always worried a bit about losing the card.

That’s why I decided to switch my payments to my bank account. At first, figuring out how to do it all seemed a bit confusing.

Do I start at the bank? What about all those forms? But honestly, once I got going, it turned out to be easier than I expected.

I want to share what I learned so you can make the switch too and have your grant money go straight to your bank account.

Things You’ll Need

Bank Details: If you already have a bank account, make sure you know these:

  • Bank Name (Example: Capitec, FNB)
  • Account Number (It’s a long number on your bank card or bank statement)
  • Branch Name (The name of the specific bank branch where you opened your account)
  • Branch Code (A special number for your bank branch. Your bank can give you this)

Your ID: You’ll need your official South African ID document.

How to Change Your SASSA Card to a Bank Account

1. Find Your Nearest SASSA Office

Go to the SASSA office closest to where you live.

You can find locations on the SASSA website ( or by asking someone you trust for help.

2. Ask for the Right Form

Tell the person at the SASSA office, “I want to change how I get my grant money. I want it paid into my bank account.”

They will give you a special form called a ‘Consent Form’ and might also give you an ‘Annexure C’ form.

Download: Visit the SASSA website and find the form under the “Forms” section. Print it out.

3. Fill Out the Forms (Get Help if Needed):

Use a pen and write very clearly, I recommend using capital letters.

Fill in your ID number and the bank details you collected.

If you can’t write well, ask a SASSA worker to help you fill out the forms.

4. Go to Your Bank

Take the forms to the bank where you have your account.

Ask a bank worker to help you. Tell them you’re changing your SASSA grant to be paid into this account.

The bank worker will check your forms and put a special stamp on them (this shows it’s official).

5. Back to SASSA

Take the forms with the bank stamp back to the SASSA office.

remember to bring these things on your way back to the SASSA office:

  • Your South African ID
  • The Consent Form you filled out
  • The Annexure C form was completed and stamped by your bank

6. Ask for Help: Tell the SASSA worker you want to change your payments from the card to your bank account.

They’ll help you finish the process.