How to Collect Sassa SRD R350 Grant at Pick n Pay

Collecting my R350 grant at Pick n Pay was surprisingly easy!

I know a lot of people get nervous around anything official, so I was a bit worried at first.

But here’s the thing – it was way simpler than I expected.

First, I waited for that all-important text message from SASSA.

Once it arrived, the message told me exactly which Pick n Pay I needed to go to and the date I could collect my money.

Then, with my ID and my phone tucked safely in my pocket, I went off to the store.

All I had to do at the checkout was give them my ID number, then approve a little message on my phone, and that’s it!

The cashier gave me the money right then and there, Let me show you how it was simple:

Step-By-Step Guide to Collect Your R350 at Pick N Pay

  1. Gather Your Things: You only need two things:
    • Your ID: This could be your government-issued ID card or driver’s license. It needs to be the real one, not a copy.
    • Your Cellphone: The phone with the number you gave SASSA. Make sure it’s working and has enough battery!
  2. Go to the Pick n Pay: Go to the specific Pick n Pay store that was mentioned in your text message.
  3. Find a Cashier: Find any open cashier (this is where you pay for groceries).
  4. Give Them Your ID and Phone Number: Tell the cashier you want to collect your R350 grant. They will ask for your ID and the phone number you used to apply for the grant.
  5. Check Your Phone: A special message (called a USSD code) will pop up on your phone screen. It will ask if it’s okay to give you the money.
  6. Say YES! You need to approve (say yes) to the USSD code message. There might be a button to press or you might need to type in a number – the cashier will help you.
  7. Get Your Money! Once you approve the message, the cashier will give you your R350 grant in cash.

Extra Things to Remember

You MUST Use Your Own Phone: You can’t use a friend’s or a family member’s phone, even if they are okay with it.

Only on Your Special Date: Don’t go to Pick n Pay before the date given to you on the approval message.

Different Pick n Pays: You can’t collect your money at just any Pick n Pay store, it has to be the one SASSA tells you to use.