How To Check Your R370 Sassa Grant Appeal Status

After submitting my R370 SASSA grant appeal, the waiting game began.

Checking for updates felt like an endless cycle of anticipation and uncertainty.

But I soon discovered that SASSA makes it relatively easy to track your appeal status.

Let me share the simple steps I followed to stay informed, so you can put your mind at ease and get the answers you need.

If you don’t want to waste your time visiting Sassa official website here is our tool that does the same thing:

Two Easy Ways to Check Your R370 Sassa Grant Appeal Status

Method 1: Online:

Go to the official website: Visit the SASSA SRD website to check your status:

Find the right section: Look for the area on the website called "Application Status."

Enter your details: Type in your South African ID number and the phone number you used when you applied for the grant.

Click to check: Press the button that says "Check Status."

Enter the PIN (if needed): You might get a special code (OTP) sent to your phone. If you do, type it in to see your status.

Pro Tip: Or you can use our own Status Check tool that does the exact same thing.

Method 2: Using WhatsApp:

Save the number: Add the SASSA WhatsApp number (082 046 8553) to your phone's contacts. Name it something like "SASSA Status" so you can find it easily.

Open WhatsApp: Start a new chat with the SASSA Status contact you just saved.

Type your message: Write the word "Status" followed by a space and then your ID number. For example: "Status 1234567890"

Wait for the reply: SASSA will send you a message back with your application status. It might tell you if you'll get the money, when it will be paid, or if there's a problem with your application.

Important Reminders:

Only use official channels: Be careful of fake websites or messages. Always use the official SASSA website or their WhatsApp number.

Keep your information updated: Make sure SASSA has your correct phone number and address. This way they can contact you if they need to.

Check regularly: It's a good idea to check your status often, especially when it's close to the payment date.

24 thoughts on “How To Check Your R370 Sassa Grant Appeal Status”

  1. Why is my 350 grant always decline u guys are wrong what u doing to me even all my appeal are declining even in 2022 i have approved month with paydates but money never activated in my account see how cruel u are u are eating our money while government is helping us because we are not working

  2. No pay dates since April 2022 but I’ve been approved.. Please help what do i do cause I’ve been calling the sassa call centre and they tell me to wait cause there’s no turn around time.. Seems like I’m never getting this grant

    • Please help me I think someone is changed my srd details since 2023 I haven’t got My money please help

  3. My srd R350 declined for October 2023 and November 2023 due to the income i used to have. I lodged an appeal because I was no more getting any income,then it kept on pending. Then on December 2023 I got the R350 approved for December 2023 until now I’m still getting from January to May 2024. My concern is that how can my appeal status be responded this month after 4 months or more ,and it declined this month. But im getting my R350 from December 2023 and im still getting for 2024 and still receiving it until this month . How possible my appeal for October and November 2023 got responded this month but still declined??

  4. Ke hodisa bana ba 2ba ngwanaka ya hlokahetseng ka 2016. O ne a sa nyalwa ebile o ne a sa thole thuso hotswa ho bontate bana. Eitse ha ke ilo etsa kopo ya foster care ke ile ka jwetswa hore ke lokela ho batla bontate ba bana bao. Kaha bana hase ba ka nkeke ka tseba hore bontate ba bona ke tla ba batlela kae. Ho lokile,ke ile ka lokela hoba kgolla grant ya child support. Fela e moholo otswile kaha dilemo tsa hae se di le 18. Jwale ke kopa ho tseba hore na molao o nthibelang ho fumana di R350 lebaka ele hore ba fupuditse account ya ka e ngwe eo ke ne ke bule kgale ke sa sebetsa,ba fumana hore ho na le chelete e keng e kene ka nako e ngwe. Ke butse account ya Tyme bank bakeng sa R350 fela ke fuputswa ho e ngwe. Ke kopa ho botsa. Jwalekaha ho le boima hakana letona lefe kapa lefe le ka phela ka chelete e? Ke hanelwa ka R350 fela ke sa sebetse ke hodisa bana ba kenang sekolo,ba aparang,ba jang,ba hlatswetswang,ba hlapang,ba nang le dithloko tse ngata tsa botho ka letsatsi. Nna ba ka ke ba hodisitse le ntata bona. Hare a thuswa ke mmuso. Ka mona mosebetsi nkeke ka phetha ke o fumana hoba dilemo tsa ka ha di sa dumela. Monna wa ka o ile a kgola pensioners grant empa ho nale motho a nkang R100 kgwedi le kgwedi granteng ya hae Asa tsejwe. Obile a hlokahala esale hothwe ho tla fuputswa. Ho nkilwe R600 kaofela granteng ya hae,fela ho tholahala hore nna ke nale account e ngwe. Athe diphuputso tse di tsamaya ka leeme.Ke kopa thlaloso e fanang ka kelello ka kopo. Ena yona, ha ke so e utlwisisi.

  5. i salathiso kwayinto i have done series of application since 2021 because uif was for 6months only because i was working for project for 6 months and it expires mind you in 2020 i lost my parents on account of covid please i need it i m not working

  6. Why is my sassa always declined this is not fair don’t have income no job yet i must celebrate 30years of democracy not fair at all

  7. My sassa srd it’s been declaring since last even this year I have tried to appeal but still the same I don’t have any income that I get please help

  8. The government has given people money but these greedy people are eating this money that’s why when you do an appeal it declines that money goes to them,they don’t care how badly we need it they will suffer for this bottom line we just voted.

  9. If the previous months got declined then approved in the 5month

    Then lodge an appeal my question is that will i recieve that money for previous months?

  10. U guy’s the thing’s that ur doing isn’t good cause we were not working but u can’t give us 350 sometimes u give us why are doing this

  11. Good day.

    My appeal was approved for September and October but still I have not received any dates.On the sassa website it still shows I am declined but on the appeals website it says that I was approved but after that nothing happend?

  12. I have been declined for Jan & Feb reason Alternative income which was not and lodge an appeal but still is pending . How long does it take for an appeal to be responded?


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