How Much Is Sassa Child Grant 2024

The SASSA Child Support Grant increased to R530 in 2024. This grant is designed to help the primary caregivers of children in need by providing financial support.

To be eligible, you must be a South African citizen, permanent resident, or refugee, and meet specific income requirements.

SASSA Grant Increase in 2024

The South African Social Security Agency has made important updates to its social support programs, effective April 2024.

These changes bring welcome relief to millions of South Africans who rely on grants for essential support.

Let’s break down what’s new and how it might affect you.

Key Changes: Grant Increases and More

  • More Money for Vulnerable Groups: SASSA has increased several grants, including those for older persons, persons with disabilities, and families raising children. This means more financial support for those most in need.
  • SASSA Application Reconfirmation: While not explicitly mentioned, it’s likely that SASSA will ask grant recipients to reconfirm their eligibility. Keep an eye on official SASSA communications for updates.
  • SRD Grant Update: The Social Relief of Distress grant may see a small increase and could be extended for another year, pending a review board decision.

Grant Increases: A Breakdown

Here’s how much specific grants have increased:

  • Older Persons Grants: R2180 (over 60), R2200 (over 75)
  • Disability Grant: R2180
  • Care Dependency Grant: R2180
  • Foster Child Grant: R1180
  • Child Support Grant: R530

What These Changes Mean for You

These updates aim to provide greater financial stability for South Africa’s most vulnerable.

If you currently receive a grant, you’ll benefit from the automatic increases.

If you think you might be eligible for a grant you don’t already receive, now is a great time to apply.

Stay Updated

Keep checking the official SASSA website ( and social media for any announcements about reconfirmation procedures or further changes.