Can SASSA Cancel Your Child Support Grant?

Yes, SASSA can cancel the Child Support Grant under certain circumstances.

The grant is subject to regular reviews and can be terminated if the child’s circumstances change.

The Agency has the authority to cancel the Child Support Grant under specific conditions.

These include the child turning 18, passing away, being admitted to a state institution, or leaving the country.

The grant can be cancelled if it remains unclaimed for three consecutive months if fraud or misrepresentation is detected if the caregiver’s financial situation significantly improves.

Reasons That Can Lead to Child Support Grant Cancellation

1. The child turns 18

The Child Support Grant is intended to support children’s basic needs during their developmental years.

It automatically terminates at the end of the month the child turns 18, as they are considered to have reached adulthood and are expected to be self-sufficient or pursue further education or employment.

2. The child passes away

The grant is meant to assist with the care of a living child.

If the unfortunate event of the child’s passing occurs, the grant immediately ceases, as there is no longer a beneficiary for the financial support.

3. The child is admitted to a state institution

If the child is placed in a government-funded institution, such as an orphanage or a facility for children with special needs, the grant is stopped.

This is because the state assumes full responsibility for the child’s care, including their financial needs, in such institutions.

4. The caregiver fails to claim the grant for three consecutive months

Regular collection of the grant serves as an indicator that it is still required.

If the grant remains unclaimed for three consecutive months, SASSA assumes it is no longer needed and automatically cancels it.

This is a measure to ensure efficient allocation of resources to those who genuinely require them.

5. The child is absent from the country

The Child Support Grant is intended for children residing within South Africa.

If the child leaves the country for an extended period, the grant is discontinued, as the financial support is meant to cater to the living costs within the country.

6. Fraud or misrepresentation

The application process for the Child Support Grant requires accurate and truthful information.

If it is later discovered that the applicant provided false details or committed fraud to obtain the grant, SASSA will cancel it.

This is to maintain the integrity of the system and ensure that grants are awarded to eligible beneficiaries.

7. Change in circumstances

The Child Support Grant is means-tested, meaning it is awarded based on the financial need of the caregiver.

If the financial situation of the caregiver improves significantly, such as through increased income or acquisition of assets, SASSA may review the grant.

If it is determined that the caregiver no longer meets the financial criteria, the grant may be cancelled.

8. Failure to cooperate with a review

SASSA periodically conducts reviews to confirm the ongoing eligibility of beneficiaries.

This may involve requesting updated information or conducting home visits.

If the caregiver fails to cooperate with the review process, SASSA may suspend or cancel the grant, as the inability to verify eligibility raises concerns about the legitimacy of the claim.

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