How to Make Money With A Car in South Africa

Got a car sitting idle? But what if your car could do more than just get you around?

Maybe it’s time it started generating income for you. The good news is, it can!

South Africa has a growing market for vehicle-related side hustles and even potential full-time gigs.

This car you use every day holds the potential to be a money-making machine.

Below are 10 solid ways to leverage your car for extra cash in South Africa.

10 Genius Ways to Make Money With Your Car in South Africa

Become a Rideshare Driver

The Gist: Platforms like Uber and Bolt connect you with people needing rides. You set your own hours, work as much or as little as you want, and earn per trip.

Getting Started: You’ll need a valid driver’s license, a decent car in good condition, and to pass a background check.

Sign up with your chosen app and follow their onboarding process.

Things to Consider: Wear and tear on your car, fuel costs, and the time investment factor into your earning potential.

Popular areas and peak hours offer the best chance for consistent rides.

Rent Out Your Car

The Gist: Peer-to-peer car rental platforms like AHi let you list your car when you’re not using it.

People needing short-term rentals can book and pay through the platform.

Getting Started: Make sure your car is well-maintained and insured. Create an appealing listing on your chosen platform, with clear photos and accurate descriptions.

Things to Consider: You’ll need comprehensive insurance, including coverage for renters. Setting clear usage rules and carefully screening potential renters will protect your investment.

Wrap Your Car in Advertising

The Gist: Companies will pay to transform your car into a moving advertisement.

You drive your usual routes, and the eye-catching wrap earns you money.

Getting Started: Companies like EazyAds specialize in car wrapping. Contact them to see if your car qualifies (make, model, and condition matter).

Things to Consider: You’ll likely need to commit to a minimum contract period.

The amount you earn depends on the size of the wrap and your driving habits.

Food and Parcel Delivery

The Gist: Become a driver for popular food delivery apps like Mr D Food or Uber Eats, or find independent courier work.

You’ll use your car to pick up and drop off food orders or packages.

Getting Started: These gigs generally have less stringent vehicle requirements than rideshare. A reliable car and good driving record are essential.

Things to Consider: Earnings are often per-delivery, so busy areas are key. Fuel efficiency is vital, as your gas costs come out of your profits.

Airport Shuttle Service

The Gist: Provide a more personalized alternative to taxis or rideshare by offering airport transfers. Market your services to travellers seeking reliability and comfort.

Getting Started: You’ll need suitable transport (larger vehicles are preferable if you want to cater to groups). Consider necessary permits or licenses for airport operations.

Things to Consider: This requires excellent time management and customer service skills.

Advertising online and potentially partnering with travel agencies can help secure bookings.

Transport School Children

The Gist: Many parents need reliable transportation for their children to and from school. Become their go-to solution, offering safe and punctual rides.

Getting Started: Focus on building trust with parents. Proof of a spotless driving record, background checks, and a car suitable for transporting children are non-negotiable.

Things to Consider: Strict time management is crucial for school runs. Marketing your services through local schools or parent groups is a good starting point.

Offer Moving Services

The Gist: If you own a bakkie (pickup truck) or van, you’re in a prime position to help people with small to medium-sized moves.

Getting Started: Aside from the right vehicle, investing in straps, blankets, and maybe a dolly will make the process smoother.

Advertise your services online and through local notice boards.

Things to Consider: Be upfront about pricing, which could be hourly or per-job.

Clearly outline what you can and can’t transport to avoid misunderstandings.

Tour Guide Services

The Gist: Have a passion for your city and its history? Share it with visitors!

Offer personalized driving tours to show off attractions, local gems, and share insider knowledge.

Getting Started: Thoroughly research the areas you’ll be touring.

Develop engaging commentary and routes tailored to different interests (history, food, etc.).

Things to Consider: Excellent communication skills are a must.

Registering as a formal tour guide might bring additional legitimacy and access to resources.

Mobile Car Wash and Detailing

The Gist: Bring the car wash to your customers. Offer a range of cleaning services, from basic washes to full interior and exterior detailing.

Getting Started: Invest in quality equipment and eco-friendly products.

Market your services to residential complexes, office parks, and busy professionals.

Things to Consider: Water access at client locations is important. Offering package deals or loyalty programs encourages repeat business.

Sell Items from Your Car

The Gist: If you have an eye for in-demand items, turn your car boot into a mobile storefront.

Think pre-loved clothes, crafts, snacks, or seasonal goods.

Getting Started: Choose your niche carefully and source items reliably.

Strategically park at markets, events, or busy areas with permission.

Things to Consider: Local regulations and permits might be necessary.

Engaging displays and offering mobile payment options like Yoco can boost sales.