10 Best Places to Sell Old Coins in South Africa

The weight of a dozen Mandela coins felt heavy in my hand, each one a symbol of South Africa’s history and a potential treasure waiting to be unlocked.

After successfully selling a few rare Krugerands online, I knew there was a market for these coins, but where to begin?

The options seemed endless: Bidorbuy, Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace, and even the South African Mint itself.

Determined to maximize my profit, I started researching and experimenting, listing my coins on different platforms, interacting with buyers and sellers, and learning the ins and outs of the Mandela coin market.

If you’re holding onto a collection of Mandela coins, whether inherited, gifted, or meticulously curated, you’ve come to the right place.

Where to Sell Old Coins in South Africa

1. Ananzi

As one of South Africa’s leading online classifieds platforms, Ananzi provides a vast audience of potential buyers for your Mandela coins.

It’s user-friendly interface makes listing your coins a breeze, and the site’s popularity ensures a high volume of traffic.

To maximize your chances of a successful sale, be sure to provide clear photographs of your coins, detailed descriptions (including the year of issue, condition, and any unique features), and a fair asking price.

2. Junk Mail

A household name in South Africa, Junk Mail is another excellent option for selling Mandela coins.

The platform boasts a large and diverse user base, increasing the likelihood of finding the right buyer.

Junk Mail also offers a dedicated “Collectibles” category, making it easy for interested collectors to find your listings.

As with Ananzi, high-quality photos and accurate descriptions are essential to attracting buyers and securing a sale.

3. Bidorbuy

If you’re looking for an online auction platform specifically tailored to collectibles, Bidorbuy is your go-to destination.

Bidorbuy’s auction format can create excitement and competition among buyers, potentially driving up the final sale price of your Mandela coins.

However, it’s important to set a realistic starting bid and be prepared for the possibility of no bids if the price is too high.

4. Gumtree

Similar to Ananzi and Junk Mail, Gumtree is a general classifieds platform that can be a useful tool for selling Mandela coins.

The site’s broad reach means your listing will be exposed to a wide range of potential buyers, but it’s important to be aware that competition may be higher due to the platform’s diversity.

To stand out, craft a compelling listing with clear images, accurate information, and a competitive price.

5. OLX

Formerly known as “Dealfish,” OLX is another popular classifieds platform with a significant presence in South Africa.

The platform is known for its ease of use and mobile-friendly interface.

OLX also offers a dedicated category for coins and collectables, simplifying the process of connecting with interested buyers.

As with other platforms, providing high-quality photos, detailed descriptions, and a fair price will be key to attracting potential buyers.

6. South African Mint Company

While primarily known for minting coins, the South African Mint Company occasionally buys back certain rare or commemorative Mandela coins.

Contact them directly to inquire about their buy-back program and the specific coins they are interested in.

This option may be ideal if you have high-value or unique Mandela coins in pristine condition.

7. eBay

As a global online marketplace, eBay offers a massive audience of potential buyers from around the world.

This can be a great option if you have rare or sought-after Mandela coins that might appeal to international collectors.

However, be aware of eBay’s fees and international shipping regulations.

8. The South African Gold Coin Exchange (SAGCE)

Specializing in gold and silver coins, SAGCE is a reputable dealer that may be interested in purchasing your Mandela coins, particularly those containing precious metals.

They offer appraisals and can provide a fair market value for your coins.

This option is especially suitable if you’re looking for a professional and secure transaction.

9. Silver-Sphere Trading

Silver-Sphere Trading is another established dealer specializing in precious metals and rare coins.

They may be interested in purchasing your Mandela coins, particularly those with silver content.

Contact them directly to inquire about their buying policies and to receive a valuation for your coins.

10. Facebook Marketplace

If you prefer a more local and informal approach, Facebook Marketplace can be a surprisingly effective platform for selling Mandela coins.

The platform allows you to connect with buyers in your community, potentially leading to faster and more convenient transactions.

Be sure to include clear photos, accurate descriptions, and a fair price to attract interested buyers.