How To Fix Sassa R370 “Failed Payment” Status

A “Sassa Failed Payment” indicates you didn’t receive your expected social grant from the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA).

This can be caused by a few reasons. There might be a mistake in your application details, like your ID number or bank account information.

It’s also possible that SASSA is experiencing technical difficulties or a lack of funds at payout points.

If you see a “Failed Payment” message, don’t panic. First, confirm the expected payment date wasn’t just recent.

Possible Reasons for A Failed Sassa Payment

  • Application Errors: Inaccurate or incomplete information during application can lead to payment issues. Double-check details like your ID number, phone number, and bank account information for any typos or missing fields.
  • Banking Issues: Ensure the bank account you provided is active, valid, and belongs to you. Incorrect details like account number or branch code can cause rejections. Verify your information with your bank and inform them of any recent changes.
  • Sassa Processing Delays: Sassa might still be processing your application, especially if you’re a new applicant. Be patient and wait for the designated payment window.
  • Sassa Technical Difficulties: Technical glitches on Sassa’s side can sometimes occur, causing payment delays or failures. These are usually temporary and resolved soon.
  • Eligibility Issues: Your application might not have met the eligibility criteria for the specific grant you applied for. This could be due to factors like income exceeding the threshold or not meeting the age requirement.
  • Insufficient Funds: In rare cases, there might be a temporary shortage of funds at Sassa payout points, causing delays in receiving your grant.

How to Resolve the Sassa R370 “Failed Payment” Status

Verify Your Application Details

Carefully review your application details on the Sassa website ( or through a Sassa office visit.

Look for any mistakes in your ID number, phone number, bank account information, or any other relevant field.

Update any errors you find and resubmit the application if necessary.

Contact Your Bank

If the issue seems bank-related, contact your bank directly.

Confirm your account details are accurate and active.

Inquire about any recent changes or restrictions that might be blocking the Sassa payment.

Check Sassa Payment Dates

Sassa has designated payment windows for different grants.

Make sure the expected payment date hasn’t just passed recently.

You can find the payment schedule on the Sassa website or by calling their helpline.

Contact Sassa Directly

This is the most crucial step.

Reach out to Sassa’s customer service team through their helpline (0800 60 10 11), email them, or visit your nearest Sassa office.

Explain the “Failed Payment” issue and provide your ID number and any reference details for faster assistance.

They can investigate the cause and guide you on the next steps.

Appeal Eligibility Decisions (if applicable)

If Sassa deems you ineligible, you might have the right to appeal the decision.

Inquire about the appeals process during your communication with Sassa.

Follow Up

If your issue isn’t resolved immediately, keep following up with Sassa.

Maintain a record of your communications with them, including dates, reference numbers, and names of the representatives you spoke with.

This documentation will be helpful if the issue persists.

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  1. Wish for them to look at broader bank check information i really rely on the grant every second mobth there is a problem of not paying of not meeting their criteria if not for the extra private outside loan then i am sunk for the month no job no income

  2. Good morning
    My name is mameke esther Matla I’m complaining why you blocked my 370 srd because all my details are correct i always update my sassa status please I’m not surviving without that money help me please
    I received the money from my money market account my ID is 7502260512080
    My cell number is 0733885516

  3. My 370 money was not in my account for April and my Di number 9202180130083 and phone number 0843989561 I waiting for my payment for April please please Fix this for me please

  4. I am surprised not received R370,I use capitec bank, when I try to check it says my phone number is not found so I don’t understand.


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