Mpumalanga SASSA Ritual Controversy Leads to Suspensions, Community Outrage

NELSPRUIT, MPUMALANGA – A bizarre incident at a South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) office in Mpumalanga has resulted in the suspension of two senior officials and ignited debate surrounding traditional beliefs and workplace conduct.

CCTV footage allegedly depicts the suspended officials, along with two unidentified men, performing a ritual within the government office after normal operating hours.

The events have sparked both fear and anger within the local community, with many staff members reportedly refusing to return to the SASSA office until it is cleansed and an explanation is provided.

Discomfort stems from what appears to be the sprinkling of an unknown liquid around workspaces and the discovery of needles left behind after the alleged ritual.

What Happened?

According to SASSA spokespersons, the incident occurred on the night of April 12th.

Security cameras captured the two officials and two men entering the offices. Footage appears to show one of the men carrying a snake and another individual distributing a liquid substance around the office.

SASSA staff, upon arriving to work the following morning, were shocked at the sight of needles and suspected a ritual had taken place.

It has been suggested that the substance sprinkled may have been muti, a traditional medicine or practice sometimes associated with ritual purposes.

The situation escalated quickly after employees reported their concerns to management. Services at the affected SASSA office were temporarily disrupted while alternative arrangements were made.

This caused hardship for those who rely on the grants and services provided by SASSA.

Suspension and Investigations

Addressing the matter, Mpumalanga SASSA spokesperson Senzeni Ngubeni confirmed the suspension of the two officials seen in the footage. Ngubeni emphasized that a thorough investigation was underway.

“We have found out that two of our officials were involved in the incident. As it stands, theyare suspended, pending the outcome of our investigation.” He went on to add, “We cannot allow what happened at our offices to continue.”

An official statement issued by SASSA nationwide condemned the alleged actions, reiterating an ongoing commitment to providing safe working environments and quality services to the public.

Community Reaction

While official investigations proceed, the incident has ignited a firestorm within the Mpumalanga community.

Local leaders, residents, and religious bodies have spoken out. Some see the incident as disrespectful to both the workplace and the community it aims to serve, highlighting the importance of accountability for those in positions of public trust.

Others have defended the officials, arguing that traditional beliefs and practices should be respected.

A few community members have suggested that the alleged ritual may have been a desperate attempt to address issues of misfortune or negativity within the office.

This reflects the complex relationship between modern institutions and enduring traditional customs within some South African communities.

Cleansing and Calls for Calm

In an attempt to allay employees’ fears, traditional healers have been brought in to cleanse the SASSA office and appease angered spirits that may have been disturbed.

Religious leaders have also been involved, offering counseling and prayer to affected staff members.

As investigations continue, there are calls for transparency to ensure all facts are brought to light. The community awaits resolution, eager to see whether the suspended officials will face further disciplinary action or be exonerated and reinstated. Meanwhile, SASSA works to regain credibility and trust.