What Is the Meaning of Sassa “Bank Details Pending” Status And How To Fix

If your SASSA status check shows “Bank Details Pending“, it means that your application for the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) R370 grant has been received but your banking information is either missing or incomplete.

This could mean you haven’t submitted your details yet, or there might be an error in the information you provided.

To resolve this, you need to submit your correct banking details through the official SASSA website or app.

Ensure you are the owner of the bank account and that the information is accurate.

Once SASSA verifies your banking details, they will process your grant payment accordingly.

Step-By-Step Guide to Updating Your SASSA Banking Details

1. Gather Your Information

  • Your South African ID number: This is the unique number on your identity document.
  • Your phone: Make sure it’s the same number you used when you first applied for SASSA payments.
  • Your new bank account information: If you’re switching to a different account, have the account number and branch code ready.

2. Visit the SASSA Website

Open your internet browser (like Chrome, Firefox, or Safari) and go to the official SASSA website for SRD grant applications: srd.sassa.gov.za

3. Find the Banking Details Section

Scroll down the page until you see a section titled something like “How do I change my banking details?” Click on it.

4. Enter Your Details

You’ll be asked to enter your South African ID number and the phone number you used during your grant application.

Double-check for accuracy before clicking “Submit.”

5. Check Your Phone

SASSA will send a special link to the mobile phone number you registered with.

This link is unique to you and is only valid for a short time, so don’t delay.

6. Click the Link

Open the text message on your phone and tap the link. This will take you to a secure SASSA page where you can change your details.

7. Follow the Instructions

The page will guide you through updating your banking details.

You might be asked to confirm your ID number again for security.

Enter your new bank account information carefully, double-checking that it’s correct.

8. Submit Your Changes

Once you’ve entered all the details, review them one last time.

If everything looks good, click the “Submit” or “Confirm” button to save your changes.

9. Confirmation

SASSA will usually send you another SMS to confirm that your banking details have been successfully updated.

Important Things to Remember

  • Bank Account Ownership: Make sure the bank account you provide is in your name. SASSA cannot pay money into someone else’s account.
  • Verification Time: It might take a few days for SASSA to verify your new information. Be patient, and don’t worry if you don’t see the change immediately.
  • Contact SASSA: If you encounter any problems or have questions, don’t hesitate to contact SASSA directly. They have a helpline and other ways to get in touch.

Staying Informed

SASSA sometimes makes changes to its website or processes. Keep an eye on their official announcements and news to stay informed about any updates that might affect you.