SASSA Confirms Payment Dates for Remainder of 2024

In a move aimed at providing clarity and easing financial planning for millions of South Africans, the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) has officially released the payment dates for all social grants for the remaining months of 2024.

Beneficiaries of the Older Person’s Grant, Disability Grant, and Children’s Grant can now confidently mark their calendars, eliminating the uncertainty that often surrounds disbursement schedules.

The announcement comes after months of speculation and varying reports, with SASSA emphasizing its commitment to timely and transparent communication.

Payment Dates:

  • July: Older Persons (July 2nd), Disability (July 3rd), Children’s (July 4th)
  • August: Older Persons (Aug 2nd), Disability (Aug 5th), Children’s (Aug 6th)
  • September: Older Persons (Sept 3rd), Disability (Sept 4th), Children’s (Sept 5th)
  • October: Older Persons (Oct 2nd), Disability (Oct 3rd), Children’s (Oct 4th)
  • November: Older Persons (Nov 5th), Disability (Nov 6th), Children’s (Nov 7th)
  • December: Older Persons (Dec 3rd), Disability (Dec 4th), Children’s (Dec 5th)

SASSA has reminded beneficiaries that these dates apply to those receiving payments through their SASSA cards, bank accounts, or the CashSend option.

While welcoming the announcement, social advocacy groups have urged SASSA to continue its efforts to streamline payment processes and address any delays or technical glitches that may arise.

Additionally, they have reiterated calls for the government to increase social grant amounts to better align with the rising cost of living, ensuring that vulnerable populations can meet their basic needs.

With the confirmed schedule, beneficiaries can now better plan their finances, ensuring they can cover essential expenses such as food, medicine, and utilities.

This is particularly crucial as the country grapples with economic challenges and rising inflation.

SASSA has encouraged beneficiaries to remain vigilant against scams and fraudulent activities, reminding them that they will never be asked to pay a fee to access their grants.

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