How to Collect Your Sassa SRD R350 Grant at Spar

Getting my hands on that R350 SASSA grant each month is important to me.

It helps put food on the table and keeps things running a little smoother at home.

I was excited when I learned I could collect it at my local SPAR.

I’m not great with technology and all the official stuff, but I figured it couldn’t be too hard.

Let me tell you, collecting the grant at SPAR turned out to be pretty simple!

The whole process was easier than I thought, so I figured I’d share how it all works.

Even if you’re like me and don’t understand all the fancy app stuff, you might find this useful.

Before You Go to Spar

Step-By-Step Guide to Collect Your R350 at Spar

1. Wait for the SMS

Don’t rush to SPAR until you have received the text message from SASSA.

This message has important instructions.

2. Read the SMS Carefully

The message will tell you:

3. On the Collection Day

Bring your ID: Take your South African ID document (the green book or smartcard) with you.

This is how SPAR will know it’s really you.

Bring your cellphone: Make sure you have the cellphone linked to your SASSA grant with you.

You’ll need it to get a special code.

4. Find the Collection Point

Go to the SPAR store that SASSA told you about in the text message.

If you’re unsure, ask any SPAR staff member where to collect SASSA grants. They’ll point you in the right direction.

5. At the Collection Point

Tell them you’re there for your R350 Grant: Speak to the cashier or the person helping with SASSA grants.

Show them your ID: They need to check it to confirm.

6. The Special Code

You’ll get a new text message (SMS) on your phone.

This text message contains a special code (like a secret password).

Read the code from the text message out loud to the SPAR staff member.

7. Getting Your Money

After you give them the code, SPAR will give you your R350 grant in cash.

Count the money carefully to make sure you received the correct amount.

Important Things to Remember

  • No Fees: You should NEVER pay any fees to collect your grant at SPAR. It’s completely free.
  • Don’t Share Your Code: The special code in the text message is only for you. Don’t tell it to anyone else.
  • Scams: Be careful of scams. If someone asks you for money or tries to trick you about your grant, report it to SASSA.
  • If Something Goes Wrong: If you have any problems during the process, don’t worry. The SPAR staff should be able to assist you, or you can contact SASSA directly for help.