How To Check Your Sassa SRD R370 Grant Payment Status For May

I remember anxiously awaiting news about my SASSA SRD grant application. The anticipation was real!

I had bills to pay and groceries to buy. So, I took the online route to check my status.

It was surprisingly simple: I headed to the SASSA website, punched in my ID and phone number, and clicked “submit.

In seconds, I had my answer. Whether you’re eager like I was or just curious, checking your grant status online is the way to go.

Let me walk you through it, step-by-step, so you can find out where your application stands with ease.

If you don’t want to waste your time visiting Sassa official website here is our tool that does the same thing:

Checking Your SASSA SRD Grant Status Online

1. Go to the SASSA Website:

Open your web browser (like Chrome, Firefox, or Safari).

Type in this website address:

To make things simple, I have designed a tool to help you check your status online.

Press Enter.

2. Enter Your Information:

You'll see a page with boxes to fill in.

South African ID Number: Carefully type in your ID number exactly as it appears on your ID card.

Phone Number: Enter the phone number you used when you applied for the grant.

Double-check everything to make sure it's correct.

3. Click "Submit":

Look for a button that says "Submit" and click it.

4. See Your Status:

The website will now show you the status of your SRD grant.

Possible Sassa Grant Statuses

1. Application Complete:

Meaning: Congratulations! This means your application was successfully submitted and is now being processed by SASSA.

What to Do: There's nothing you need to do at this point. Simply wait for further updates on your application status.

2. Pending:

Meaning: Your application is still under review by SASSA. They are checking your eligibility based on their criteria.

What to Do: Be patient and wait for SASSA to complete the review process. Check your status regularly for any updates.

3. Approved:

Meaning: Great news! Your application was approved, and you're eligible to receive the SRD grant.

What to Do: If you haven't already, make sure your banking details are up-to-date with SASSA so they can pay you.

4. Declined:

Meaning: Unfortunately, your application was not approved. This could be due to various reasons, such as exceeding the income threshold or not meeting other eligibility requirements.

What to Do: If you believe your application was declined in error, you have the right to appeal the decision. Check the SASSA website for information on how to lodge an appeal.

5. R350 payment status is approved but not yet paid:

Meaning: Your application has been approved, but SASSA hasn't processed the payment yet. This is usually a temporary status.

What to Do: Keep an eye on your status and bank account for the payment to be processed. It might take a few days.

6. Bank details pending:

Meaning: SASSA needs your banking information to deposit your grant payment.

What to Do: Provide your correct banking details through the SASSA website or app. Ensure the account is in your name.

7. Reapplication Pending:

Meaning: You have reapplied for the SRD grant, and your application is under review.

What to Do: Wait for SASSA to process your reapplication and check your status regularly for updates.

8. Cancelled:

Meaning: Your application was cancelled, often due to inactivity or not updating your information when required.

What to Do: You can reapply for the grant if you still need assistance.

9. Reconsideration Pending:

Meaning: You've requested a reconsideration of a declined application, and it's currently being reviewed.

What to Do: Wait for SASSA to complete the reconsideration process and provide an updated status.

Important Things to Remember:

Internet Connection: You need to be connected to the internet to check your status online.

ID and Phone: Make sure you have your South African ID and the phone number you used for the application handy.

Patience: Sometimes the website can be slow or busy. If it doesn't work the first time, try again later.

Alternative Method: If you can't access the website, you can also check your status using the SASSA app or by calling their helpline (0800 601 011).

8 thoughts on “How To Check Your Sassa SRD R370 Grant Payment Status For May”

  1. My application is been decline since January they say i have income but I too have any money .I did the appeal but no change and i also call them nothing

  2. Hi: I don’t understand why my appiel become declined. because I don’t have sauce of income.can you please help me because I need that money I’m not working

  3. Why is sassa playing with our feelings…we need that 370..we rely on we atleast manage it with the social grand we receing for our is also not enough bt atleast we are doing something with it…bt when some1 send u a 100 rand they stop the 370 telling you abt source of income…wht the he’ll is that…can’t we receive help from families because of the 370…I’m just furious and want to understand

  4. Hi: I don’t understand why my appiel become declined. because I don’t have sauce of income.can you please help me because I need that money I’m not working. This is the second time now.

  5. Why Sassa when is bored it keeps on declining R370 and while I know that am not working, and it keeps on telling me about source of income that I don’t even receive

  6. Ever since I applied for 350 last year on March 2023 the process was still on pending now am checking I see decline for all the months only may last year it says approved but I didn’t see anything am still waiting antill now what can I do to get the money


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