How To Check Your R370 Sassa Grant Appeal Status For June 2024

Have you submitted an appeal for your R370 Sassa grant?

The waiting period can be stressful, but luckily, Sassa makes it easy to track the status of your appeal.

This guide will walk you through two simple methods, using the Sassa website and WhatsApp, so you can stay informed and avoid unnecessary worry.

Important things to remember before we begin:

  • This guide applies to checking the status of an appeal you submitted, not your initial application.
  • You’ll need your South African ID number and the phone number you used during your grant application.
  • Be cautious! Scammers might try to imitate Sassa’s official channels. Always use the official website or WhatsApp number provided here.

If you don’t want to waste your time visiting Sassa’s official website I recommend using our tool that does the same thing:

Method 1: Checking Your Appeal Status Online

  1. Grab your phone or computer: You can use either device to access the Sassa website.
  2. Visit the Sassa SRD Appeals website: This is the official webpage for checking appeal statuses. Here's the link for easy access:
  3. Find the "Appeal Status" Section: The layout of the website might change slightly, but there should be a clear section dedicated to appeal inquiries. Look for something like "Check Appeal Status" or "Track Appeal Application."
  4. Enter Your Details: On the designated fields, carefully type in your South African ID number and the phone number you used when applying for the grant.
  5. Click "Check Status": Once you've entered your information, click the button that says "Check Status" or something similar.
  6. Verify with a PIN (if needed): In some cases, Sassa might send a one-time security code (OTP) to your phone number. Enter this code on the website to verify your identity and access your appeal status.
  7. Review Your Appeal Status: The website should now display the current status of your appeal. It might say "Approved," "Pending," or provide more details about the next steps.

Method 2: Checking Your Appeal Status via WhatsApp

  1. Save Sassa's WhatsApp Number: Add the Sassa WhatsApp number (082 046 8553) to your phone's contacts. For easy identification, consider naming the contact "Sassa Status."
  2. Open a WhatsApp Chat: Launch WhatsApp and open a new chat with the "Sassa Status" contact you just saved.
  3. Send Your Inquiry: In the chat window, type "Status" followed by a space and then your South African ID number. For example, your message would look like: "Status 1234567890" (without quotes and replace 1234567890 with your actual ID number).
  4. Wait for Sassa's Reply: Sassa should respond to your message with an update on your appeal status. The message might indicate if your appeal was successful when you can expect payment (if approved), or highlight any issues with your application.

Bonus Tip: Keep your contact information updated with Sassa!

This ensures they can reach you easily if needed for further information regarding your appeal.

28 thoughts on “How To Check Your R370 Sassa Grant Appeal Status For June 2024”

  1. Hi last time I used same phone number but know when I check my status say the phone is not matching I can’t check my status for srd for june

  2. I’ve been declined due to source of income and I last worked in 2018 I’ve been unemployed since every month I put an appeal but still decline for the same reason 😭💔.

  3. Ndicela uncedo kudala ndizama ukutshontshelwa le phone number 0760960260 ngoba ayoya yam ngoku andisakwazi kufumana mali oko ndizama nantsi eyam phone number 0716427613 Landi Ntamehlo

  4. June says pending but other got their R370. I have no income. What is going on? It is not the first time this is happening.

  5. I’ve applied on May for my both Aprils,23&24 but it still says diclined why ?why you doing this to me,,I have no income I’m only rely on my son’s grant why you so selfish 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  6. Hi may payment was declined due to income that I have no knowledge of. I appealed when I check the status of appeal still pending and am suffering I need this money am not working I don’t know where did u get the false information that I have income. I beg of you to approve my application.

  7. Alot of us are still pending for june 2024 without a reason given.what is going on?I have always been receiving my srd grant from August 2021 and all of a,sudden my srd is pending.All my details are correct,do what is the hold up here.Its now July,where is our June money gone to?.

  8. I am not working since 2017 but on 2022 some payment were paid and I didn’t receive any payment,this year I received once on April and it say source of income identified so please help


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