How to Check Capitec Balance without App

Here’s a friendly guide on how to check your Capitec balance even if you don’t have their app.

Think of it as using your phone to send secret messages to your bank!

Method: Using Your Phone’s Dialer (Like Making a Call)

  1. Open the Phone App: Find the app on your phone that looks like a little telephone. This is where you usually make phone calls.
  2. The Secret Code: Type in this special number just like you’re calling someone: *120*3279#
  3. Press the Call Button: You know, that green button you press to start a phone call? Do that!
  4. The Magic Menu: Your phone screen will show you a list of options. Don’t worry, it’s easy!
  5. Find Your Balance: Look for the option that says something like “Balance” or “Check Balance”. It’ll probably have a number next to it, like “1. Balance”. Type that number and press send (it’s just like sending a text).
  6. The Big Reveal: Wait a few seconds and your bank will send you a text message telling you how much money you have in your account. It’s that simple!

Important Things to Remember

  • Any Phone Will Do: You don’t need a fancy smartphone, any phone that can make calls works perfectly.
  • Little Bit of Airtime: Make sure you have a tiny bit of airtime to use this service. It doesn’t cost much at all!
  • Write it Down: Maybe write the code (1203279#) on a piece of paper and keep it in your wallet in case you forget.