How to Change Your Sassa R370 Payment Method to eWallet

Tired of waiting in long lines for my SASSA R370 grant? I was too!

That’s why I made the switch to eWallet, and it’s been a game-changer.

No more worrying about carrying cash or missing out on payment days.

Now, my money goes straight to my phone, ready to use whenever I need it.

Curious about how I did it? It’s surprisingly simple, and I’m here to walk you through it step-by-step.

Let me show you how to get your SASSA grant delivered right to your eWallet – it’s way easier than you might think!

Why Choose an E-wallet for Your SASSA Payment?

  • Skip the Lines: Avoid long waits at the post office or bank.
  • Quick Access: Get your money sooner and use it right away.
  • Safe & Secure: Less risk of losing cash or being a target for theft.
  • Easy to Use: Pay bills, buy airtime, or shop online – all from your phone.

Steps to Change Your Sassa R370 Payment Method to eWallet

1. Get Prepared

Eligibility: Make sure you qualify for SASSA payments through an e-wallet. (You can check this on the SASSA website or call their helpline.)

Choose Your E-wallet: Pick a reliable e-wallet provider like CashSend, eWallet, or a Shoprite Money Market Account. Set up an account if you don’t have one.

Tools: You’ll need your mobile phone (with the number linked to your e-wallet) and internet access.

2. Go to the SASSA Website

Open your web browser (like Chrome, Firefox, or Safari).

In the address bar, type:

Double-check the address to ensure it’s the official SASSA site (look for the lock symbol).

3. Log In to Your SASSA Profile

Find the section on the website that says “Login” or something similar.

Enter your 13-digit South African ID number in the box provided.

Click the button that says “Submit,” “Login,” or something like that.

4. Receive the SMS Code

SASSA will send a unique code to the mobile number you registered with them. This code is important for security.

Check your SMS inbox for the message from SASSA. It should arrive quickly.

5. Enter the Code

Back on the SASSA website, you’ll see a box asking for the SMS code.

Carefully type the code you received exactly as it appears in the SMS.

Click “Submit” again.

6. Find the Payment Method Section

You should now be logged in. Look for a heading, tab, or link that says “Change Payment Method,” “Update Banking Details,” or something similar. Click on it.

7. Select “E-wallet”

You’ll see different options for how to receive your grant. Choose “E-wallet.”

8. Provide Your E-wallet Details

Carefully enter your e-wallet account information. This usually means typing in the mobile phone number that’s linked to your e-wallet account.

Double-check everything to make sure it’s correct.

9. Confirm Your Change

Look for a button that says “Confirm,” “Submit,” or “Save Changes.” Click it to finalize your new payment method.

10. Wait for Confirmation

SASSA will process your request. You should receive a confirmation message via SMS or within your e-wallet app.

This message will let you know that your payment method has been successfully changed.

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    • My daughter lost the phone and number and that was after her ID card application she has never received her code and this is the reason we can’t update cellphone number to her current we have sent email with no luck agents call say they will fix it it’s been 2years now.

  1. I used to live in Delft in the area of voorbrug,2 guys approached me with a firearm and robbed me with my phone containing my sim card which I registered my srd with will I b able 2 do a sim swap cell c network and where?


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