How to Change Your Sassa R370 Payment Method to Checkers

Tired of long lines or inconvenient payment points for your SASSA R370 grant?

Switching to Checkers is a simple way to make collecting your money easier.

With this step-by-step guide, you’ll be able to change your payment method from the comfort of your own home, using just your phone or computer and the SASSA website.

I’ll walk you through each step, using clear language and highlighting the most important details, so you can confidently take control of how and where you receive your grant.

Steps to Change Your Sassa R370 Payment Method to Checkers

1. Visit the SASSA Website

Open your internet browser (like Chrome, Firefox, etc.) and go to the official SASSA website.

You can search for it online or type in the web address directly.

2. Log In to Your Account:

On the SASSA website, look for a place to sign in or log in.

You’ll need your ID number and the phone number you used when you first applied for the grant.

3. Find the Payment Section

Once you’re logged in, look for a section or menu on the website that deals with payments or grants.

It might be called “How do I change my banking details” “Manage Grants,” or something similar.

4. Change Payment Method

In the payment section, you should find an option to change your payment method.

Click on this option.

5. Select Checkers

You’ll see a list of different payment methods. Choose “Checkers” from this list.

6. Confirm Your Choice

The website will likely ask you to confirm that you want to change your payment method to Checkers.

Double-check that you’ve selected the correct option and then confirm your choice.

7. Enter Your Phone Number

To make sure it’s really you making the change, SASSA will send a verification code to your phone number.

Enter your phone number in the space provided.

8. Enter the Verification Code

You’ll receive an SMS (text message) on your phone with a special code. Type this code into the box on the SASSA website.

9. Success Message

After you enter the code, you should see a message on the website confirming that your payment method has been successfully changed to Checkers.

Important Things to Remember:

  • Don’t Share: Keep your ID number and the special code private. Don’t give them to anyone else.
  • Check Your Phone: Make sure your phone is working and that you can receive text messages.
  • Be Patient: It might take a little time for the change to go through. Your next payment should arrive at Checkers.
  • Need Help? If you get stuck or have questions, ask a friend or family member for help or visit your nearest SASSA office.
  • Problems? Get Help: If you have any trouble changing your payment method or if you don’t get your money, don’t worry. You can call the SASSA helpline or visit your nearest SASSA office for help.

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