How to Change Your Sassa R370 Payment Method  to ShopRite

I used to dread the SASSA payment days. The long queues and limited payment options were a real hassle.

But then I discovered I could switch my R370 grant to my ShopRite Money Market Account! It was a game-changer.

Now, I conveniently access my money while doing my grocery shopping. No more wasted time or extra trips.

If you’re also looking for a smoother, more convenient way to manage your SASSA payments, let me share my experience and guide you through the switch.

Why Choose Shoprite?

Switching your SASSA payment to Shoprite offers several benefits:

  • No monthly fees: You won’t have to pay any charges just to keep your money in the account.
  • Low withdrawal fee: Cash withdrawals only cost R5, a lower fee compared to many other banks.
  • Free transactions: Apart from withdrawals, everything else is free – checking your balance, buying airtime, and more.
  • Easy access: You can manage your money through your phone and receive notifications about your payments.

Step-by-Step Guide to Change Sassa R370 Payment Method to ShopRite

1. Open a ShopRite Money Market Account

  • Dial: *120*3534# from your phone
  • WhatsApp: Send a message to 087 240 5709
  • Visit: The Money Market counter at any Shoprite or Checkers store
  • Download: The Shoprite app on your smartphone

2. Get Your Bank Confirmation Letter

After registering, you’ll receive a Bank Confirmation Letter. This is proof of your new ShopRite Money Market Account.

If you registered through the app or USSD code, download the letter.

If you register in-store, you’ll get a printed copy.

3. Get the SASSA Switch Form

Option 1: Online: Download the SASSA switch form from the ShopRite website (

Option 2: In-Store: Pick up the form at the Money Market counter.

4. Fill Out the Form and Gather Documents

Complete the SASSA switch form. Double-check that all your information is accurate.

Make sure you have your original ID document.

Take your printed Bank Confirmation Letter.

5. Visit Your Nearest SASSA Office

Go to your local SASSA office. You can find the nearest one online or by asking at the ShopRite Money Market counter.

Submit the completed SASSA switch form, your original ID, and your Bank Confirmation Letter.

Important Things to Remember:

  • It’s Free: Switching your SASSA payment to ShopRite is free of charge.
  • Keep Documents Safe: Keep copies of all your documents (form, confirmation letter, etc.) in case you need them later.
  • Ask for Help: If you’re unsure about any step, don’t hesitate to ask for help at the ShopRite Money Market counter or your SASSA office.
  • Be Patient: It might take a few weeks for the change to take effect.

3 thoughts on “How to Change Your Sassa R370 Payment Method  to ShopRite”

  1. I’m wondering why the sassa people say if you make some money they they take the R370, how to improve the grunt and not loose their grunt

  2. I have applied for the srd grant and all my statuses are approved without dates and when I call sassa they told me that my bank account number was short with 1 number and told me to fix that on their website and told them I can’t because my phone was stolen so I didn’t do a sim swap I’m using a new number the lady I was talking to took my new number and told me that they’ll contact me anytime from that day and it’s almost 2 months without receiving any call from them 😔😔😔 I’m so disappointed because I really need that money as I’m struggling 😭


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