8 Convenient Places to Withdraw Your Sassa R370 Grant

Now your May R370 has been approved and you got paid.

That feeling when those SASSA funds finally hit your account is unbeatable!

The next step is figuring out where to actually withdraw your SASSA grant. 

Turns out, there are a ton of options out there, more than I ever imagined. So if you’re like me and feeling a little lost, stick with me.

I’m about to break down all the easiest and most convenient places to withdraw your grant, based on my own experience.

Believe me, this is info you don’t want to miss!

Where to Withdraw Your Sassa R370 Grant

1. ATMs of major banks

This is probably the most convenient option for most people.

Simply insert your Sassa card into the ATM, enter your PIN, and select the amount you want to withdraw.

You can find ATMs of major banks like Standard Bank, FNB, Absa, and Nedbank almost everywhere in South Africa.

2. Pick n Pay

If you prefer to do your grocery shopping and withdraw your grant at the same time, Pick n Pay is a great option.

They have a wide network of stores across the country, and you can easily withdraw your grant at the till point.

Just let the cashier know that you want to withdraw your Sassa grant, and they’ll help you with the process.

3. Shoprite

Similar to Pick n Pay, Shoprite is another popular supermarket chain where you can withdraw your Sassa grant.

They have a large footprint in South Africa, especially in rural areas, making it accessible for many beneficiaries.

4. Usave

Usave is another supermarket chain that allows Sassa grant withdrawals.

While they might not have as many stores as Shoprite or Pick n Pay, they are still a convenient option for beneficiaries who live near a Usave store.

5. OK

OK Furniture and OK Grocer are well-known stores, and they also offer Sassa grant withdrawals.

This can be especially handy if you’re already shopping for furniture or groceries and need to get some cash.

Simply ask the cashier to help you with your withdrawal.

6. Checkers

Checkers supermarkets are widespread and convenient.

Many people find them to be a great place to grab their groceries and withdraw their Sassa grant at the same time.

It’s as easy as asking the cashier to add the withdrawal to your purchase.

7. Boxer supermarkets

Boxer is a popular chain, especially in smaller towns and rural areas.

If there’s a Boxer near you, it’s a good bet you can withdraw your grant there.

Just head to the till and ask for assistance.

8. Spar

Spar supermarkets are another excellent option for Sassa beneficiaries.

With a wide variety of locations, you’re likely to find a Spar within reach.

Similar to other supermarkets, you can usually withdraw your grant during checkout.

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